Values and Responsibility


Production and quality in real time

Our factory operates and pays attention to each individual client, taking into consideration each order and comply with deadlines construction.

Immediate delivery of spare parts

Although our machines almost do not need spare parts, almost 100% of all orders for spare parts were sent before 16:00 are shipped the same on a suitable courier every day of the year, even in special periods.

Provide immediate answers and attention to the customer every day of the year.

Track all emails more than 12 hours a day to respond to your request.

Constantly updated machines.

We take very seriously the quality, safety and hygiene of our machines that are constantly updated, in an attempt to improve in collaboration with our industrial suppliers. Our engineers are working with the most advanced programs leading to always updated, robust and reliable products, but at a very competitive price.

Distribution of professional level

Hranmechanica machines working in more than 10 countries through a broad network of direct funds to ensure installation, commissioning and service guarantee perfect job for many years. The use of electric and standard industrial components and the lack of sophisticated electronic programming provide constant reliability of our machines in the world.

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